Vape Kits

Tried and trusted vape kits

When you are looking to take the first steps away from smoking, and into vaping the volume of vaping starter kits can be quite overwhelming.

At Vapeology, we offer a range of tried and trusted starter kits from reputable brands.

All of our starter kits come complete with a one-month warranty and except for e-liquid contain all you need to help you along the path to becoming a seasoned vaper.

If you are a brand new vaper, it is a good idea to purchase a variable voltage kit as while you are getting used to vaping you will be able to regulate the power and therefore the amount of vapour produced.

If you are unsure of vape kit to buy or would like some advice feel free to open the facebook messenger chat box on our website which is manned during working hours.

Often the right purchase at this stage will define your experience of vaping if you’re armed with the right kit from the start there is a good chance you will stick with vaping.

What type of vaping kits do we sell?

At Vapeology we have a healthy range of kits from the top brands including Aspire, Smok, and Bo Vaping which is aimed at the first steps away from cigarettes.

The Aspire kits are also a great option for first-time vapers with the Smok kits being aimed at heavier smokers or the more seasoned vaper.

All of our vape kits have been tested by our experienced team and offer a solid vaping experience

Vape Kits delivered UK Wide

We deliver vape kits across the UK and can have your new kit with you in 1 to 2 working days.

If you are based in Kent and woud like some face to face advice please do come in and see us the shop is in Ashford Kent.

We are easy to find and will be happy to help and guide you.

At Vapeology we are entirely focused on providing our customers with the best possible service and have over 250 five star google reviews.