Rebuildable Tanks and Rebuildable Drippers

Rebuildable Drippers (RDA’S) & Rebuildable Tanks (RTA’S)

Rebuildable Drippers are for advanced vapers and offer supreme flavour if you would like to start getting more hands on with your vaping rebuildable dripper is right up your street.

Rebuildable Tanks offer practically the same vaping experience as RDA’S, but the user does not need to drip e liquid regularly if you’re looking for supreme flavours without the need to drip RTA’S may be for you

Coupled with the correct mod either system will produce clouds of vapour and the best possible flavours.

Visit us or order online

If you are unsure of what you need and are in Kent why not pop into see us we are in Ashford and will be more than happy to help feel free to order online, and we will have your rebuildable with you in 1 to 2 working days