What Are The Different Types of Vape Mod?

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What Are The Different Types of Vape Mod?

Vape mods are categorised by their electrical design. They also have different names such as vaporisers, e-cigarettes and cigalike. If you’re considering joining the growing community of vapers, read on. This article will help you decide which vape mod is best for you.

Regulated and unregulated e-cigarettes

In the broadest sense, vape mods are classified as regulated and unregulated:

Regulated e-cigarettes are vaporisers with a raft of features and functionality such as an LED screen with tons of information, variable wattage, bypass mode, temperature control, memory and more. Regulated mods have a host a safety features which are essential for reducing the risk of harming yourself whilst vaping.

Unregulated vape mods, or mechanical mods, do not regulate battery power. This gives you an advantage in terms are a consistently better smoke, but lack safety features. Unregulated vape mods are not recommended for beginners, only experienced vapers.

Let’s take a look at the different types of mods.

Squonking Mods

Also known as a bottom-feeder mod, Squonks are ideal for people looking for an all-in-one vaping solution. They’re highly versatile and cater towards everyone’s vaping needs. One of the distinct advantages is they have a large 7ml bottle that should get you through the day so you don’t have to bother carrying extra e-liquid refills with you.

E-Vaping Pens

Cylindrical in shape, pens are easy to hold and have a simple construction that consists of a battery with a firing button, an atomiser (that holds holds the e-liquid) and a mouthpiece. Pen mods are the most common types of vapes because of their practical and portable size.

There are several styles you should know about:

e-cigs: electrical cigarettes that are shaped like traditional fags. Often the first step for smokers looking to quit tobacco, they look and feel like normal cigarettes – but the range of vape flavours taste oh-so much better.

eGo Pens: typically used by ex-smokers, either after stepping up from e-cigs or straight from tobacco cigarettes. The hits are more satisfying than e-cigs and designed to help people stop smoking. eGo vape mods are a good entry into vaping.

Box Mods

If eGo Pens are designed to help you quit tobacco cigarettes, box mods are designed to stop you from going back to the packet. Box mods are larger and more suitable for use at home than when you’re out and about. They excel over pen mods in power and because they come with the most advanced chips are also feature rich.

Whilst box mods improves the vaping experience, there is a longer learning curve to get accustomed to all the features and safety aspects of vaping. These vaporisers also require more maintenance, but are ideal for users wanting to take the next step or have an alternative vaping device for home use and one for socialising.

Pod Mods

Pod mods are the new-generation of vaporisers and take pen vape mods to the next level. The new styles are designed to be more convenient for users and have refillable pods you can simply pop into the device. Rather than carrying large bottles around with you, all you need is a couple of spare pods and you’re good for the day.

And that’s vape mods in a nutshell. But I trust this article gives you enough information to narrow the best vape mod for you down to category. For more advice about which make of vaporiser is best for you visit our vape shop in ashford get in touch.

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